Every Month Should be Safe Work Month

October is safe work month, so employers and workers are being encouraged to have the conversation about how safe their workplace really is. It’s a good opportunity to raise awareness, and for businesses to reflect on how they can improve on their safety commitments. Safe Work Australia say no industry should be unsafe to work in and no death or injury is acceptable – and we agree. That’s why we believe every month should be safe work month. Because despite considering ourselves an advanced country, we have a long way to go in our health and safety goals.

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Australia has a fatality rate 2.5 times higher than the United Kingdom. Between 2015 and 2016, 182 Australians died as a result of a workplace incident. Machine operators, labourers, and trade workers continue to be the most affected. Between them, agriculture, manufacturing and construction saw almost 30 000 serious claims in 2016 alone. And poor workplace safety is expensive. Work-related injury and disease cost Australia $61.8 billion a year – a staggering $5000 per worker. And it’s costly for business too – the average compensation claim cost the company $10 800, and resulted in the employee missing over five weeks of work.

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But this doesn’t have to be the case. These incidents are preventable with an effective safety management system, and a year-round commitment to safety. There are simple tools and processes you can put in place to reduce risk and to make sure your workers get home safely at the end of the day. And the benefits don’t stop there. HSEQ software helps you to be compliant, while reducing costs surrounding insurance, worker replacement, and workers compensation. It can also enhance your reputation by signaling to your workers and customers that you prioritise safety.

myosh is used and recommended worldwide. From small businesses, to global enterprises, our clients all experience tangible improvements in safety. Join our webinar to gain a comprehensive overview of myosh core functionality and learn how to manage and improve organisational safety with automated end-to-end processes. 


Featuring easy to use, cloud based software, interactive dashboards and mobile apps, myosh enables effective work health and safety management through:

• Risk/hazard identification
• Inspections and audits
• Safety incident investigations
• Action management
• Job safety analysis
• Training management 

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Improvements in safety performance can lead to significant savings in insurance and workers compensation premiums; often more than covering your investment in myosh.

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myosh receives consistent feedback about its ease of use and the simplicity of implementing myosh into the organization and getting staff acquainted with the system.

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