How to Spot and Control a Hazard

Successful Health and Safety Management Systems rely on Effective Hazard Identification Processes and Action Management.

The myosh Hazard management module guides the user through a proactive process that enables continuous improvement and risk reduction in your business. There are 4 steps that help to build a company’s risk profile:  

  1. Hazard Identification – find out what can cause harm.
  2. Risk Assessment – understand the harm that could be caused, how serious, and the likelihood.
  3. Control – Seek to eliminate the hazard or implement the most effective measure of control that is reasonably practicable in the circumstances.
  4. Review those control measure to ensure outcomes are working as planned.

The Hazard Management Module is Integrated with other modules and information captured in this Module can be converted into Actions or incorporated into Management reports and Dashboards.

Actions can be created and defined in every Module whether one is mitigating an identified hazard, eliminating a risk, preventing an incident from reoccurring or closing out an audit finding. Actions can be assigned to a person and include information such as when the action needs to be completed. Action tracking is used determine whether they have been completed within the stipulated time. This ties in with Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continuous improvement which forms the basis of the ISO Standards.

View our Action Management and Hazard Reporting webinar below, which specifically focuses on:

• Logging Actions and Hazards via Mobile
• Creating Actions and Hazards via Desktop
• Creating from other Modules
• Managing Views
• Scheduled Actions
• Search reports
• Dashboard
• Management reports


myosh Hazard Reporting & Action Management Webinar from myosh Safety Management Software on Vimeo.

myosh has been used by organisations around the globe, to manage and improve work safety for over 15 years.  Over 100 cloud based modules integrate with intuitive action management.  Results are analysed, shared and improved with powerful reporting tools and dashboards.


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