Introducing the myosh Consultant Platform

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Organisations around the globe have been using myosh to manage and improve workplace safety for over 15 years, and now we’ve developed a brand new cloud-based client management system specifically for safety consultants and their clients.

The myosh Consultant Platform has been developed for smarter client management. Featuring 10 integrated modules that help you manage more clients, more effectively. 

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HSEQ Library
Over 2000 HSEQ templates and resources that can be searched by industry, location, or relevant tags. Easily include your own templates and documents. Quickly clone, edit and share with your clients. 

Log Incidents
Anytime, anywhere, from any device. Wether you are online or offline. Notify, investigate, assign actions, add images, attachments and share.

Identify, assess, control, and review. Log or access your client’s hazards from anywhere. Eliminate or create controls. Set review notifications to monitor and re-evaluate.

Dashboards provide powerful organisational insight by transforming your HSEQ data into intelligent visual charts, maps and tables.

Record and store employee competencies for easy retrieval. Record inductions, set actions and renewals. Attach files.

Track plant/equipment, record critical dates. Set actions and renewals, attach related files.

Pre-loaded with 28 comprehensive industry based checklists. Order customised inspections with ease.

Communicate your improvements, share and document news, actions and results.

Get things done. Assign, notify and track actions for everyone.

My Clients
Grow your client base. Record client details, notes, outcomes and recommendations.

Summary Reports
Report desired outcomes, critical findings, recommendations, financial investment and more.

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To add your clients:

1 – Choose payment plan: Managed Consultant Users
2 – Use the promo code: 1CONPLAT
3 – Email to add the client to your own Consultant Platform.

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Benefits for you
Save on insurance premiumsSave on insurance premiums

Improvements in safety performance can lead to significant savings in insurance and workers compensation premiums; often more than covering your investment in myosh.

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Meaningful reports and graphsSave time with meaningful reports and graphs

myosh can assist you with making an impression by instantly producing professional outputs in real time which rely on up to date statistics.

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Save on insurance premiumsWhat our clients love

myosh receives consistent feedback about its ease of use and the simplicity of implementing myosh into the organization and getting staff acquainted with the system.

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