Five Smart Ways to Manage Safety

Five Ways to Manage Safety

Are you doing all you can to manage safety smartly and efficiently in your business? Check out our five tips below:

  1. Use mobile technology.

Capturing data in the field not only ensures more accuracy, but promotes a stronger safety culture. Employees are encouraged to document and report hazards in the workplace which automatically route through workflow to management and are actioned. Communication between employees and management is improved when employees have the power to improve their workplace and management reacts in a timely manner.

  1. Manage Contractors.

OSHA increased inspections related to contractor safety 322% in 2014.  Contractor Agreements and Tender processes often require solid safety management systems as a condition of contract.  Employers should treat everyone in the workplace with the same standard of care to avoid citations. Managing contractor data, including training, certifications and licenses, insurance and other information in a safety management system ensures that contractors on site are in compliance with all regulations.

  1. Manage Training.

Organizations have numerous requirements to ensure that persons at their workplace have been properly trained. This is one of the most frequently cited OSHA regulations and is completely avoidable. A comprehensive, yet easy to manage recordkeeping system of employee and contractor training will keep a business in compliance.

  1. Capture Near Misses.

Capturing near misses can improve safety culture by improving worker safety. It is critical that employees are not punished for reporting near misses and those near misses are thoroughly investigated. Overall reporting culture for the company can improve if leadership buy-in is accomplished.

  1. Conduct Regular Inspections.

According to a recent study by Texas A&M, most organizations aren’t conducting safety audits frequently enough. Safety audits should be conducted quarterly, if not monthly, to keep a business safe. It is an inexpensive way to collect data that prevents accidents and environmental incidents. It also improves safety culture because workers see the business as being a safe place to work.

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By Stacey Wagner

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