Manage Workplace Mental Health With Simple And Effective Tools

We know why workplace mental health is critical but the question that keeps coming up, is how do we actively identify and manage these issues at work?  What can leaders do and what should employees be doing to help? What tools can we use and how do we reduce the stigma?

Mental Health Issues in the workplace cost Australian Businesses 10.9 Billion dollars every year.  One in 5 adults will experience mental health difficulties in any one year and suicide is a prominent health concern.  According to the Black Dog Institute “Mental Health is one of the leading causes of sickness, absence and long term work incapacity in Australia”

Employers are legally required to manage mental well-being in the workplace and Workers are also required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety, and to cooperate with any reasonable instructions.  Company culture, reputation and values are also considered motivating factors.

All these factors can be addressed through Effective Workplace Mental Health Management.  A Price Waterhouse Coopers study reported that for every dollar spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action, there is on average $2.3 in benefits to be gained.

In consultation with experts and clients, myosh have developed a two-pronged approach to help clients manage Mental Health.


The myosh Well-being Module provides simple but effective tools to:


  • reduce risk
  • improve productivity
  • promote a positive working environment
  • raise awareness
  • reduce stigma
  • support staff
  • recognise and reward


The myosh Well-being Module incorporates a Management and an Employee Perspective;

For Management, we provide the tools and guidelines to:

  • identify issues
  • implement controls,
  • create wellness programs
  • measure and review initiatives
For Employees, we provide the tools and guidelines to:
  • identify issues
  • report issues
  • and request help confidentially

Your organizational health depends on the health of your employees.  Reduce the stigma and be proactive with the right tools to identify and manage issues before they escalate.

The myosh Well-being Module is due for release late November.

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