Managing and Improving Work Safety

Meet the myosh Team at Safety In Action Sydney and learn more about managing and improving work safety with software and mobile apps.

Adrian Manessis will be presenting daily at 11.15am. Click here to register for your free entry and to attend the seminars.

Are workplace HSEQ software tools essential?
Should HSEQ professionals know how to use software tools?
What are the criteria for effective safety management systems?

These are just a few of the questions that Adrian will be answering in his daily presentation at the Safety in Action show taking place in Sydney on 6-8 September 2016. Adrian is the Business Development Manager for myosh HSEQ Management Software. He has been involved globally in implementing Safety Management Software for over 20 years, in a wide range of industries from small local businesses to huge multinationals.

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This invaluable scope of experience has given him a sound understanding of why software system implementations may fail and how this can be prevented. It is his role in myosh to analyse, support, customise and integrate the myosh HSEQ solution into companies.

Workplace pressures have two things in common – paperwork and time constraints.  Spreadsheets too, are quickly becoming a redundant method of HSEQ management.  Having HSEQ software, including mobile apps, alleviates these issues. Cloud based and mobile reporting tools are designed to be easy to use and accessible to everyone.

myosh software allows everyone to be involved and empowers people to be accountable for their own safety. The system can be bought off the shelf or configured to suit every company’s structure and needs.  Adrian emphasises that the valuable time gained, can now be re-focussed on the continual improvement and sustainability of your HSEQ System.

Solutions like myosh not only drive accountability, but offer clients peace of mind in terms of security. Actions, investigations and responsibilities are easily tracked, whilst dynamic, intuitive dashboards allow leaders to measure and analyse the company’s performance, giving them a clear understanding of their risk profile.

An effective HSEQ Management System assists companies in reducing their incidents, injuries and non-conformances, by enabling decision makers to prioritise resources in order to meet compliance requirements and continually improve. Adrian is experienced in data analysis and will convey to conference attendees the benefits of out-casting paper based systems and enjoying the positive improvements generated by implementing a myosh sustainable HSEQ management system.

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Improvements in safety performance can lead to significant savings in insurance and workers compensation premiums; often more than covering your investment in myosh.

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myosh can assist you with making an impression by instantly producing professional outputs in real time which rely on up to date statistics.

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myosh receives consistent feedback about its ease of use and the simplicity of implementing myosh into the organization and getting staff acquainted with the system.

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