Our clients explain what myosh has done for them

At myosh, we enable sustainable processes that drive real and measurable improvements in safety. From small businesses, to global enterprises, our clients all experience tangible results that come from using an effective safety management system. Here, some of our clients discuss how they have utilised myosh to improve work safety performance, reduce insurance costs and improve key performance indicators.

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Landcorp WA

A fundamental component of any safety management system is efficient hazard and incident reporting. When employees and contractors are given access to quality reporting tools, such as the myosh mobile app, the culture of safety improves. Mobile apps empower workers to take ownership of safety by logging incidents and recording hazards in their workplace.

Through the use of myosh, Landcorp was able to see huge improvements in these metrics. As the WA Government’s land and development agency, Landcorp oversees projects of varying complexity across regional, industrial and metropolitan sites. Compliance and Risk Manager Stewart McDonald described how myosh helped turn Landcorp’s safety culture from reactive to proactive, through effective hazard and incident reporting.

“We were very much looking at incidents and our safety in a lag indicator way. Myosh has enabled us to become more proactive.”  “Our hazard reporting increased 100% over a 12 month period, and our incident reporting improved 86% over the same period. I think those statistics speak for themselves.”

Landcorp has won several Work Safety Awards since implementing myosh.

The Adecco Group

An effective safety management system can also be good for the bottom line. Investing in workplace health and safety software such as myosh can save money and reduce risk. Reduced worker’s compensation premiums, reduced absenteeism, and fewer lost-time injuries all contribute to better financial performance.

Adecco Group, the world’s largest recruiter of temporary and permanent workers, hit their highest level of workers compensation premiums in 2012, before they turned to myosh. WHS Manager Trudy Windebank explained how myosh helped Adecco achieve its strategies for improvement, by substantially reducing their lost-time injury frequency rate.

“Myosh has been great in helping us achieve our strategies for improvement, we’ve been able to reduce our lost-time injury frequency rate by 67%, and over the last three years it has reduced costs significantly.. we’ve saved millions in our workers compensation premiums.”

Through the use of myosh, Adecco was also able to demonstrate that they were recording and tracking their actions for their ISO 4801 Certification.

Onsite Rental Group

A good safety management system increases visibility and makes it easy to report on workplace safety performance. Dashboards optimise safety management by streamlining decision-making processes, and by making data more convenient and easy to analyse. Real time reports give managers up-to-date safety information and allows them to analyse historical trends with the click of a mouse.

The Onsite Rental Group is a specialist business to business equipment rental provider, delivering equipment solutions to many of Australia’s largest mining, construction, industrial and event organisations. National HSEQ Manager Tim Starr described how myosh was able to streamline reporting, which allowed Management more time for analysis and decision-making.

“So myosh has made life a lot easier for me at a personal level. We had a quite onerous approach in the past, a bunch of spreadsheets that took a lot of effort to maintain, and get the data to correct.”

“With myosh we now have a one-stop-shop, everything is integrated, everything is clear, and rather than burning out with populating spreadsheets, I’ve now got the energy left to analyse them and take safety performance to the next level.”

Onsite’s leading indicators such as participation, ownership, and completion-on-time are all at record high levels, and it’s translating into an overall better safety performance.

“We always had a belief that the system would make life simpler and be user friendly, but the proof in the pudding has been our own improvements in safety performance. We’ve gone nearly a year as a result of this journey without a lost time injury, which is a phenomenal record in our industry.”

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