Mental Health in the Workplace – What are your Legal Obligations?

Mentally healthy workplaces are as important to employees as those that are physically safe. However, workplaces are often not meeting their legal obligations because they aren’t clear of what they mean in practice.  Understanding your legal obligations as an employer is critical – not only in keeping your employees healthy, but also in making sure you aren’t leaving yourself exposed to legal action.

In this webinar, Senior Counsel, Brian Jackson discusses your legal obligations and how to address issues. Sarah O’Leary shows us how organisations can identify, improve and manage workplace mental health.

Mental Health in the Workplace Webinar from myosh Safety Management Software on Vimeo.

Mental Health in Australia

Managing mental health is a growing challenge for modern businesses. That’s because 20% of the Australian workforce will experience a mental health condition in the next year. And many of these are either caused, or made worse, by the workplace. Work-related stress, workplace harassment, and workplace violence are the three main drivers of mental disorders in AustraliaIn fact, 92% of mental disorder claims between 2010 and 2015 were attributed to work-related mental stress.

As an employer, you have legal requirements to look after your employees’ mental health, including:

• providing a physically and mentally safe workplace
• preventing discrimination against employees with a mental health condition
• protecting your employee’s personal information
• ensuring your workplace does not take any unfair action against someone because of their mental health condition.

This webinar will clarify these obligations and explain how to address them in a practical and compliant way.

The Presenters.

Our presenters have extensive experience working with businesses to help them comply with their mental health requirements.

Brian Jackson, Special Counsel, Moray & Agnew Lawyersbrian jackson
Brian Jackson is a Senior Lawyer specialising in employment law and industrial relations. Brian advises, represents and appears as counsel for clients across the education, mining, construction, energy, financial services and health sectors. He works closely with employers/insured who need assistance in defending what can often be difficult workplace issues while at the same time appreciating the commercial importance of resolution of claims. Brian also recognises that prevention is better that cure and he works closely with clients (including through workplace training) to manage the risk of employment-related claims and enhance workplace productivity.

Sarah O’leary, myosh
sarah o'leary In her role as myosh Product Development Manager, Sarah O’Leary engages with clients and HSEQ professionals to identify organisational requirements and HSEQ trends. Through extensive client feedback, the myosh team established a need for a comprehensive software solution that would make it easier for organisations to manage and improve mental health issues in the workplace.

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