myosh Contractor Management Simplifies Contractor Engagement and Compliance

Organisations who engage contractors need to ensure that contractors and their employees are not exposed to health and safety risks.  Organisations or PCBU’s have the same duty of care towards contractors, as they do to their own employees.

Contractors are also required to be pro-active in recognizing and reporting potential hazards in the workplace. It is important that the contractor is familiar with workplace procedures.  Induction training which stipulates safe work procedures, is essential before any work commences.

The myosh Contractor Management Module simplifies the process of contractor engagement.

In myosh Classic Contractor Management for medium sized enterprises, the following features apply:

• Create a preferred supplier list and capture all the details of a specific contractor
• Capture details of contractor employees
• Upload all relevant contractor documents such as insurances, JSA’s, agreements and licenses
• Receive internal alerts when Insurances expire
• Record contractor employee qualifications and training. Receive notifications for qualification expiry
• Upload contractor equipment testing records and calibration certificates. Receive alerts when these are due for renewal
• Monitor contractors HSEQ performance record
• Access to inspection checklists and registers for tasks and equipment

myosh Custom Contractor Management for large Enterprises, is a fully customisable software solution that also allows you to:

• Invite your contractors onto your HSEQ system, giving them access to the Contractor Management Module and allowing them to populate it with all necessary records and documents for a specific job, for e.g.  Training and Qualification records, Licenses, Insurance and employee details, JSA’s/SWMS.
• Contractor Compliance Checklists
• Receive internal and external alerts when Insurances expire
• Record contractor employee qualifications and training. Receive notifications for• qualification and training expiry
• Track Contractor Training
• Link Contractor Training to Online Learning

myosh also offers the myosh365 software program designed specifically for small businesses. Contractors should be encouraged to use myosh365 to manage their HSEQ issues and provide them with a verifiable system to satisfy their clients’ requirements.

This webinar will highlight the differences between myosh Classic and Custom Contractor Management with the focus being on Custom Functionality.

Contractor Management Webinar from myosh Safety Management Software on Vimeo.

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