New Dashboard Widgets

myosh Dashboard Widgets provide instant visual insight into organisational OHS performance including graphs, charts, tables and site/map data.  Collected historical data is pulled into a variety of available widgets to enable quick comparison, filtering and review.

The myosh Dashboard allows users to arrange Tabs and Widgets to display vital information at a glance.

  • Add Tabs to group various Widgets according to your requirements.
  • Customize and Filter many standard Widgets or,
  • Create your own by selecting from our extensive list of widget types.
  • Specify data fields, filters and then customise with colours and labels etc.
  • Interact with key chart and table components for more detail.
  • Export to pdf or excel as required.

Widgets include:

  • Bar Charts
  • Column Charts
  • Stacked Column Charts
  • Side by Side Column Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Maps
  • Pie Charts
  • Tables KPI Target Charts, and more.

The following New Widgets have been recently added to our extensive library:

  • Actions by Resolution Rate – shows the number of days it took to resolve the actions
  • Incidents by Resolution Rate – shows the number of days it took to investigate an incident
  • Risk Reduction by Site – Compares initial risk rating with residual risk rating and shows percentage reduction in risk
  • Injuries Rolling LTIFR 3 Year Average – shows a column for each year with a rolling 3 year average LTI/TRIFR
  • Injuries Rolling 12 Months AIFR – shows Frequency Rate (FR) for All Injuries including First Aid.

Other new functionality includes:

  • Data that can be grouped by months.
  • Customise colours and labels for lines on rolling FR charts
  • Monthly charts can show the last 12 months or forthcoming 12 months e.g.:  meetings over last 12 months OR meetings scheduled for next 12 months
  • Zoom level and centre point of MAP widget can be set to any level / country.

For more information, a demonstration or a free trial, visit or email

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