NSW Update Regulations for Pesticides, Noise, and Hazardous Chemicals

The NSW Government have updated regulations surrounding noise, pesticides, and hazardous chemicals, following a review by that state’s Environmental Protection Agency.

Pesticides Regulation 2017
Most notably, the new regulations make it compulsory for all people who use pesticides for commercial or occupational purposes to keep records of their pesticide use. EPA Director of Hazardous Chemicals Asela Atapattu said the changes would make it easier to legally comply with the proper use of pesticides and would “reduce the risk to human health and the environment.”

Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2017
EPA Director of Regulatory Reform David Fowler said the changes make the environmental noise requirements easier to understand, and bring them in line with community expectations. “The noise control regulation continues important restrictions that balance the rights of people to carry out reasonable activities with the need to protect neighbours.”

Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Regulation 2017
Increases licensing and technology assessment fees to reflect changes in wages since 2012. Mr Atapattu said the fees hadn’t been reviewed since 2008, so the increases would help the EPA ensure licensing activities remain relevant.

All updated regulations came into effect September 2017. 

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