What Are Your HSEQ New Year Resolutions?

Love them or hate them, we all tend to make or break New Year Resolutions. Lose weight, drink less, get fit, start a hobby, to name just a few..   You may notice that very often they involve improving our health and relationships and, that they are based on the premise that we will be around for the next 365 days.

International Labor Organisation statistics indicate that, worldwide 6300 people die per day as a result of occupational accidents or work related diseases, amounting to more than 2.3 million deaths a year. As at the 7th Dec, 164 Australians have been killed at work in 2016 and a further 45 in New Zealand (25th Nov).

So why don’t we make a few New Year’s Resolutions to help ourselves and our colleagues get home safe from work in 2017?  The concept seems straightforward and yet when we get back to the grindstone every day, for some reason this is not our focus?

How about we make some plans or resolutions to reduce risk and improve productivity in our workplaces.  Let’s consider ways to promote a good culture of safety at work.

Consider how you can:

  • Encourage your team to take safety more seriously.
  • Look for opportunities to improve workplace safety, identify hazards and improve procedures.
  • Make full use of the resources, tools and training that are available to you.
  • Identify ways to improve productivity and reduce risk.
  • Banish complacency and carelessness

myosh HSEQ software helps you to manage and improve work safety and productivity.   It allows you to focus and prioritise your HSEQ issues.  Our client case studies demonstrate significant improvements:

  • An increase in hazard reporting.
  • Huge reductions in Insurance Overheads.
  • An understanding of their company’s Risk Profile, which allows for quick and informed decision making.
  • The ability to do more with less, by removing the administrative burden.
  • Effective contractor control.
  • Improved Incident Investigation.
  • Easy to generate reports with trend analyses, which clarify exactly what is happening in workplace.
  • The ability to track actions to ensure they are done timely and have the desired outcomes.
  • A reduction in LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate).

Learn more about myosh and request a free trial at and share your HSEQ resolutions with your colleagues and your customers and the world.

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