Case Studies

When choosing a suitable safety management system, it is wise to consider how the implementation and production has been handled for previous clients.  myosh takes this opportunity to share some case studies explaining requirements and solutions provided to other businesses.

Atlas Concrete

Atlas Concrete has achieved a remarkable 72% reduction in their LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) from 40.9 to 11.4 in the past year. Edward Lisowski, Health and Safety Manager at Atlas Concrete, speaks to how the myosh Safety Software Management System has been instrumental in their success story.


Reporting Up One Hundred Percent at Landcorp

Stewart discusses how myosh has helped their risk management strategies including significant statistical Improvements. Hazard reporting has increased by 100% while Incident reporting increased by 86% in that same period. Landcorp have also won several Work Safety Awards and continue strive for excellence.


Adecco case study

Trudy Windebank is the WHS Manager for Adecco Group Australia, the world's largest recruiter of permanent and temporary workers. Trudy discusses how their investment in myosh Safety Software has helped to save millions on insurance premiums and how myosh helps to maintain their 4801 accreditation. Trudy also highlights how myosh has helped to improve Lost Time Injury Frequency rates by 67% in the last year.


Onsite Simplifies Safety and Shows Better Results

Tim says myosh has given them the ability to “create a shared understanding of the HSEQ risk profile” which allows them to make quick and informed decisions. Tim explained how myosh helps to achieve their strategies for improvement by doing more with less and by removing the administrative burden. Staff are accountable through a transparent system where activities are assigned to the correct individual.


International Support Services Company

UK based head office. Turnover around £400 million supply services to well-known energy providers, employs thousands of scaffolders, painters, insulators and cleaners +10 000 staff.


One of the worlds largest Accounting firms

Work Station Assessment; Staff surveys; Injury Management (including Worker’s Comp)


Singapore based Oil & Gas company

Required system for period of 12 months at which time project is complete and requirement is satisfied.
myosh imports existing data into the system and implements a fully functional system populated with client data within a week.
Training of key staff via remote technology.


Household name in Fuel Stations Supply – Australia branch

System required for part of multi-national company


OSH Consultants

Safety Consultants require a system to deploy to clients at low cost and low volume of users


Aviation Industry

SME sized aircraft chartering companies. Deployed throughout USA, Canada, and Australia.


International Oil & Gas Company

Based in Norway. Floating vessels as sites. Operations in Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea.
Acquisition of Australian company led to requirement to deploy myosh globally.


International Cement Manufacturer

Operations based in SE Asia; 40 000 staff in 18 companies over 8 countries using 10 languages.
Data entered and viewed in native language by any user.


Major Canadian Energy Distribution Company

Canadian headquartered company.
Organisation being restructured and the current system too expensive in current economic climate.


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