Onsite Simplifies Safety and Shows Better Results

The Onsite Rental Group is a specialist business to business equipment rental provider delivering equipment solutions to many of Australia’s largest mining, construction, industrial, government and event organisations. The National HSEQ manager, Tim Starr says that while HSEQ requirements may be complex, Onsite is making significant improvements using myosh.

Although only implemented early this year, myosh has helped Onsite improve safety in their organization by really simplifying processes. The workflows have made it easy for people to do the right thing at the right time.

Tim says using an effective system has given them the ability to “create a shared understanding of the HSEQ risk profile” which allows them to make quick and informed decisions. Tim explained how myosh helps to achieve their strategies for improvement by doing more with less and by removing the administrative burden. Staff are accountable through a transparent system where activities are assigned to the correct individual.

Onsite Management were very happy with the acceptance from staff who embraced it as a tool for reporting incidents and hazards in an instant. In the first month, 30 incidents were notified, investigated, reviewed and closed out online. Easy to  use reporting has made our lives easier. The “follow the yellow brick road” intuitive entry screens guide the user to what needs to be done at each stage.

Tim Starr also shares how reports and dashboards have made a big difference within his role as Manager. “Reports are professional and in a standardized format which has removed our previous reliance on spreadsheets. Our data now has integrity and is a single source of truth for powerful reporting. The Dashboard has become the lens through which we view what’s going on. We seamlessly drill down to individual incidents or actions as needed.”

On first implementation Onsite focused on action management, incident reporting, management reports and the dashboards. Once these were functioning well, they have embraced contractor management, and have since moved on to converting their inspections form to the online inspection modules to increase accessibility and ease.

Statistics drive improvement so Onsite have configured a standard dashboard viewable by all users and use this as the basis for team meetings, for noticeboards, management reviews and board reporting. Any gaps, issues or trends are then easily identified and corrected accordingly.

They’ve also customized the system to include their own critical risk list which are used to monitor incidents and on the job behaviours, against critical risk standards. This represents a valuable source of information to detect precursors to high potential incidents and directs focus on critical areas.

The implementation process with Onsight was customized as Tim Starr reports “We conducted a needs analysis and went to market to compare our current arrangements with possible vendors. We completed a board paper and received approval for the project. We also felt a need to own the tool so developed the “ONSHEQ” brand and logo which we have co-branded the system with.

We set up a project team led by HSEQ with IT and myosh involvement and let myosh lead the project development plan with Onsite input.  Implementation included roll out activities such as training, as well as capturing and actioning enhancement opportunities. Regular online meetings and project plan reviews with myosh ensured there were no surprises. The roll out was accompanied by a comprehensive communication and training strategy where all users attended an online presentation of the system.

When asked about how myosh integrated with their existing system, Tim Starr explained that compatibility was a key requirement for their company and that myosh has a simple import template process that allows them to populate and synchronize with their existing process such as HR, Payroll and Training systems. “It really was a very smooth transition and doing business with myosh was easy from the development down to the implementation. It was seamless.”

It has definitely taken us to the next level in terms of an effective and user friendly integrated HSEQ management system.
By Sarah O’Leary and Hazel Pascual for myosh

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