Action Management
Successful Health and Safety Management Systems rely on Effective Action Management.  This applies to every aspect of HSEQ management. 
Actions can be created and defined in every Module whether one is mitigating an identified hazard, eliminating a risk, preventing an incident from reoccurring or closing out an audit finding. It enables the user to assign the action to a particular responsible person and informs them by when the action needs to be completed. It allows tracking of actions to determine whether they have been completed within the stipulated time period. This ties in with Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continuous improvement which forms the basis of the ISO Standards.

action management

What does it do?

  • Create and assign actions to anyone with a myosh login
  • Notify the responsible person that they have been assigned an action
  • Reminder emails before an action becomes overdue
  • Automatically sends reminder emails before an action is due
  • Keep an audit log of changes
  • Automatically schedule reoccurring actions
  • Enforces accountability

 How do I create an action?

  • Click Create Action from the main menu, or
  • Click on Create Action from within any module

 What happens if the action becomes overdue?

  • Email notifications are sent to management
  • Weekly reminders with a list of all open actions
  • Displays in standard reports

 What reports can I create?

  • Custom build your own reports using filters to select required records, then choose the fields to display
  • Export reports to Excel
  • New actions created in date range
  • Reports showing all actions that are open
  • Overdue actions displaying any field
  • Aged summary of actions open by site, department, division or any part of your organisational structure
  • Automatically produce graphs/charts
  • Positive performance indicators
  • Lead performance indicators
  • Much more……


  • Emails to management when due date or other key fields are changed
  • Notify recipients when an action is assigned or reassigned
  • Notify management when an action is closed
  • Weekly reminders
  • Full audit log of changes
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