It is important to collate and control information to ensure all staff have access to relevant information. The Documents module provides a single place where all documents are accessed. This eliminates the possibility of staff using incorrect versions or accessing incorrect information. The module can track changes and automatic notifications sent to staff when documents change.
A document is a work in progress and should be managed in a way for users to capture, edit and easily distribute information.  Documents are “live” files and there are no required retention schedule for documents beyond their business need (as opposed to records). Some documents are required by law and in terms of the ISO standards many are required to fulfil the obligations of the standards.
Documents must be:-
  • Legible
  • Identifiable and traceable
  • Be stored so that they are readily retrievable and protected against damage, deterioration or loss.

At myosh we understand that document control can be extremely tedious, however following basic document control principals can help make most businesses more efficient. The myosh Documents Module does just that. Document control is all about transferring information between relevant parties. You need to ensure that the information that reaches the end user is correct, therefore the document must be controlled to ensure that this is the case. You also want to make sure that the user receiving the document takes note of its content or any changes that have been made.  A document is editable for updating and revising, but this must be done by the appointed person, in an organised manner. Placing controls on a document means that we ensure that the document always contains the correct information.

myosh has established a Documents Module which allows you to:

  • Approve documents for adequacy prior to issue
  • Review, update as necessary and re-approve documents
  • Identify the changes and current document revision status
  • Ensure the documents remain readily identifiable
  • Prevent obsolete documents so that they are still retained 

Document Management

What does it do?

  • Provides a way of storing and linking to any type of document
  • A central source for viewing documents that may be located in multiple places
  • Notifies people when documents change
  • Link to web sites and internal networks or attach directly in to the module
  • Confirms that people are informed and consulted about important information
  • Control the latest document versions available to users
  • Records history of changes made through check-in/check-out


  • Emails to groups and/or individuals
  • Specify who should read the document.
  • Once the document is submitted, the people in the read list will receive an email with the document attached/linked as required, with a read acknowledgement within the email itself.
  • Once the person clicks on the link to say that they have read the document, it will send this back into the document module and move the person into the “Has Read” field.


  • Integrate with payroll, HR or ERP systems for automated employee updates
  • Links to employee module
  • Other modules can reference material contained within the documents module
  • Links to action management to ensure the documents are kept up to date
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