You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ – Drucker
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are objective measurements of performance against a target. Those targets can be driven by legislation, standards, client requirements or company objectives.
Businesses use KPI’s to measure progress toward specific HSEQ goals or simply to monitor trends. They can also be used to drive and monitor improvements in the management of HSEQ at work.
Monitoring and recording of HSEQ activities and initiatives in the workplace provides effective and immediate feedback to employees and managers on the status of their Management System.
The myosh Module provides for all types of KPI’s, whether they be “Lagging”  used to provide an overview of what has already happened e.g. injury statistics  or “Leading”  indicators which are proactive measurements  e.g. training completed.
In addition unique speedometer controls provide an instant visual way of determining whether KPI’s have been met.  The module links to other modules to ensure the source information is automatically recorded.  Entry screens are generated for non-myosh related information allowing you to record KPI’s for any aspect of your business.


 What does it do?

  • Gives you the ability to define KPI’s relevant to your business
  • Set KPI’s targets and tolerances
  • Compares your performances against your KPI’s
  • Produces meaningful reports indicating whether or not KPI’s have been met
  • Illustrates the tolerances to track and interpret whether your performance is good, mediocre or terrible

What reports can I create?

  • Speedo chart reports
  • Line Charts
  • Excel Export
  • HTML table exports

Can I configure the module?

  • KPI’s can be defined in the module as being manual or myosh/system defined KPI’s
  • Targets and tolerances for the defined KPI’s can be set according to your business requirements
  • Targets and tolerances can be changed at any point and can be defined indefinitely or for a very specific period of time
  • KPI’s and targets can be defined for the business as a whole or can be broken down to a site level if required
  • Reports can be run at any point in time and can be generated for any period required


  • Define the business KPI’s
  • Set the KPI’s targets and tolerances
  • Input KPI’s data (if it is a manual KPI that is not related to a myosh specific module)
  • Generate KPI’s Reports

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