Other Registers

myosh ensures that you can track other aspects of your business.  There are numerous different types of registers in myosh such as:

Asbestos – tracks locations, form, condition, state, surface treatment and sends reminders when next action is due.

Confined Space – records and tracks information associated with confined space areas.

Evacuation Drills – records evacuation drills, including information such as attendance registers and the outcome of the drills.

Eye Wash Stations – ensures eye wash stations are managed within your organization.

Fit for Work – manages and communicates fit for work information within yor organization.

Obligation/Legal – is designed as a repository for legal documents relating to compliance with the various legal acts and regulations.  By making the register available online, people can determine their obligations and entitlements in relationship to the law.  All documents can be searched making finding information as simple as doing a search on the Internet.

Winch Debrief – tracks information about winching activities and lessons learned.

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Benefits for you
Save on insurance premiumsSave on insurance premiums

Improvements in safety performance can lead to significant savings in insurance and workers compensation premiums; often more than covering your investment in myosh.

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Meaningful reports and graphsSave time with meaningful reports and graphs

myosh can assist you with making an impression by instantly producing professional outputs in real time which rely on up to date statistics.

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Save on insurance premiumsWhat our clients love

myosh receives consistent feedback about its ease of use and the simplicity of implementing myosh into the organization and getting staff acquainted with the system.

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