A record (as opposed to a document) is a historical file about a past event that provides evidence. Records are facts that should not change and are therefore not editable and cannot be recreated.  If new facts arise e.g. new monitoring and measurement data then the new record should replace the old record i.e. the old record should not be updated. Both digital and hard copy records should be securely stored. By uploading your records into the myosh HSEQ Management System, your electronic copies are protected in a single place, by our Cloud Based storage system, the provider of which is ISO 27001 Certified.
The law requires the retention of many different types of records depending on the circumstances, location and industry sector of your business. Each record must be treated differently to comply with legal retention requirements.  WHS records are also maintained in accordance to the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. In terms of the ISO standards a record must be controlled according to a procedure which defines how records are:  identified, stored, protected, retrieved, retained and disposed of when obsolete.
Employers are required to keep health and safety records to:
  • identify trends for unsafe conditions or work practices so you can take steps to correct these potential hazards
  • provide material for education and training
  • provide documentation in case a WorkSafe ACT officer requests it or if an incident occurs and you need to prove that you did all you could reasonably do to prevent it.


a) The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 deals with employee records. If in doubt or as a matter of good practice, treat records e.g. personnel details, medical results, confidential incidents etc. in accordance with the privacy standards set out in the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) established by the Privacy Act.

b) The Model WHS Regulations contain the record keeping requirements that apply in all states and territories, except Victoria and Western Australia.

Records management

What does it do?

  • Provides a way of storing and linking to any type of record
  • A central source for viewing records that may be located in multiple places
  • Notifies when records are replaced with new versions.
  • Link to web sites and internal networks or attach directly in to the module
  • Ensures people are informed and consulted about important information
  • Ensures you control what is the latest record being used
  • Allow history of changes through check-in/check-out


  • Emails to groups and/or individuals


  • Integrate with payroll, HR or ERP systems for automated employee updates
  • Links to employee module
  • Other modules can reference material contained within the records module
  • Links to action management to control the updating of Records.
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