Safety Meetings
 “A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost” – unknown
We have all attended these types of HSEQ meetings – topics discussed were not priority issues, sessions were too long, persons who could offer critical input were not present or disorganisation ruled. Worst are the meetings that seemingly go well, but never result in action.
Setting up a Health and Safety committee (HSC) brings together employees’ hands-on experience of the job and the employer’s perspective of the workplace and business requirements, leading to a safer workplace.
The HSC can accomplish several things:-
  • Achieve central focus and foresee problems.
  • The committee is a visible and approachable body for safety or health complaints, suggestions.
  • They provide a regular forum for developing and reviewing health and safety management systems and addressing concerns.
  • Without constant reminders about safety, people tend to forget, get sloppy, take risks, and have accidents.
In terms of the law HSC meetings are not mandatory.  A health and safety committee can be established on your own initiative or at the request of:
  • a Health and Safety Representative (HSR), or
  • five or more workers at the workplace
You have two months to establish a committee if requested to do so. You must consult employees when deciding on the membership of the committee and at least half of the members of the HSC must be workers nominated by the employees. HSRs are automatically members of the HSC unless they do not wish to participate. Representatives of the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) on the HSC, should at senior management levels, who are able to make decisions about health and safety.
The individual HSEQ ISO standards require that top management periodically review the Management System, to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness. The Management Review must address whether there is a need for changes to policy, objectives, targets and other elements of the Management System. The Management Review process must ensure that the necessary information is collected ahead of time to allow management to effectively carry out this evaluation. All Management Reviews must be documented and minuted. Observations, conclusions, and recommendations for actions resulting from the review must be recorded. If any corrective action is required, top management should follow up to ensure that the action was effectively implemented.

The purpose and final outcome of the Management Review should be continual improvement of the Management System. 

The myosh meeting module allows for meetings to be scheduled, minutes to be recorded and actions to be assigned. 

Safety Meetings

What does it do?

  • Records the meeting details such as workgroup, type, attendees, roles and more
  • Schedules the meeting
  • Sends e-mail notifications for meetings
  • Minutes can be attached
  • Actions can be created


  • Organizer sets up meeting
  • Emails to groups and/or individuals to notify of meeting
  • Minutes are attached
  • Actions are created


Prepare for meetings using information from all other Modules:-

  • Actions – create actions resulting from the meetings and manage them to  ensure they are all instituted.
  • Incidents, Hazards, Risk Profile, Injury Management, Training, Contractor Management – Access vital information for meeting preparation.
  • Management Reports – create the reports required for the Review Meetings Dashboards – show status with effortlessly generated and easy to interpret graphs Inspections/Audits – present results at Management Reviews
  • Integrate with payroll, HR or ERP systems for automated employee updates
  • Links to employee module
  • Links to action management to ensure the actionable items raised during the meeting can be managed
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