myosh Custom
safety software
myosh Custom is our flagship product, for medium to large business, offering a fully customisable solution, tailored to meet your very specific requirements and offering more than 100 modules.


There are numerous features and benefits when using myosh Custom;

  • it is adaptable to your internal processes rather than your internal processes adapting to a safety management system;
  • allows you to control your corporate colours and logos;
  • allows you to have your own company specific reports, graphs and layouts;
  • can populate official forms with data from the system (e.g. Insurers internal forms for workers compensation);
  • allows you to collect industry or company specific data (e.g. wind speed for aviation);
  • allows for specialist modules relating to your company (e.g. special Registers etc);
  • controls delivery of status reports and reminders (e.g. monthly rather than weekly or Fridays rather than Mondays);
  • controls Integration with your in-house systems (e.g. HR data).