Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month

is held in October each year. The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of Workplace Health and Safety and encourage companies and individuals to commit to improving the way that they work, so that they can return home safely.  Read More.

myosh client initiatives for Safe Work Month

Egis Group Australia


EGIS are planning a SAFE-TOBER

Week 1 – An inspiring slogan and poster about EGIS Safety

Week 2 – A Photo Capturing Safety at Work or at Home

Week 3 – The Catchiest Safety Song

Week 4 – Peer Nominated Safety Champion


“If you want to understand how Egis is doing, you need to look at our workplace safety figures.  If we bring our incident rates down, it won’t be because of cheerleading or the nonsense you sometimes hear from other Companies.  It will be because the individuals at this company have agreed to become part of something important:   They’ve devoted themselves to creating a habit of excellence. Safety will be an indicator that we’re making progress in changing our habits across the entire institution.” That’s how we should be judged.”

view the EGIS List of Safety Habits and The Ten Commandments of Good Safety Habits.


Ausdrill have planned a month of activities to raise awareness for National Safe Work Month

Barbecue Breakfast – Ausdrill stated off the month hosting a breakfast for all employees.  During the breakfast, quiz sheets were handed out for everyone to complete and at the end of the month the winner will receive First Aid Kits and Fire Safety items.

Blue Shirt Wednesday- This initiative is aimed at supporting Men’s Mental Health at work.

Email Campaign- Through the month, staff will receive a daily email focusing on a variety of safety topics to help them stay safe at work.

view Ausdrill’s safety page with LTIFR on a downward trend 


 APTS are running a few events to support Worksafe month.

Drills – As part of work safety month, APTS has run a Radiation Leaking Drill which included a full building evacuation. Afterwards a live demonstration was given to all employees on how a source is recovered.

Remember Charlie DVD – all the employees will be given the chance to watch Remember Charlie.

Prizes and More – During the month, APTS will be adding pictures to their Facebook and internal intranet and will be tying it all up with an end of month barbecue to thank all the employees for their great effort in safety this year.  Finally a  HAZOB of the month Competition will end the festivities with prizes and giveaways.

view APTS zero harm outcomes page  

Hinchinbrook Shire Council

To raise awareness for Health and Safety over the month of October, Hinchinbrook Shire Council will be providing free skin checks to employees.

All employees have the opportunity to get involved in the completions they are holding requesting submissions for the best WHS slogan and the best WHS ideas to implement at the council.



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